With her roots firmly planted in Texas, Jean Prescott was born in Amarillo and grew up on a ranch in West Texas.  But for the past twenty years she has hung her hat just a little bit south of Abilene with her husband, singer/songwriter Gary Prescott.  Jean says she’s a singer, songwriter and once and only once a wild bronc rider.

The recipient of the American Cowboy Culture Award for Western Music as well as many other awards, her music is referred to as “The spiritual essence of the west”, and she shares her love of the western lifestyle and its traditions through songs about the real west of yesterday and today.  The heart of her music is the stories in the songs about those who came before us when the west was wild and untamed as well as life in the west as it is today, sometimes still wild and untamed.


With twelve CDs to her credit, her songs are sometimes described as Western Americana.  She covers cowboy and western, gospel, western swing and patriotic genres with her vast discography of songs.  

It has been said that Jean Prescott belongs to the land and its people and upholds the heritage, traditions and values of the western lifestyle.  And, for twenty five years she has entertained folks from the concert stage, around campfires and in churches to intimate living room concerts all across the country.  With a voice and a heart as big as Texas her songs are sure to go straight to the heart and her music is always toe-tapping good!