Daughter of the Prairie

This CD is a compilation of two wonderful CD’s. “Prairie Flowers” was the 1998 Album of the Year with the Academy of Western Artists and has been a favorite of many folks over the years. “Range Romance” has great appeal for special occasions such as western weddings, anniversaries of other western celebrations of loving relationships. The original CD also includes accompaniment tracks and lyrics for those of you who enjoy singing for special occasions, and is still available.



1. Fanny Sperry Steele

2. Cowgirl Blues

3. Songbird of the Prairie

4. Women of the West

5. Handmade Gift

6. Dancing on Daddy’s Boots

7. Road of Dreams

8. A Woman’s Life

9. Queen of Diamonds

10. Range Romance

11. Woman at the Windmill

12. Daughter of the Prairie

13. White Women’s Clothes

14. Maria Benitez

15. Red Wing

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