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What Folks Say About Jean

It’s always nice to get a kind word or two about your work, and a lot of folks have said a lot of kind words to Jean over the years. Here are just a few —

Yours is a wonderful album, from beginning to end and my wife and I loved every song. Your voices are superb and the accompaniment masterful.


Do yourself a favor and listen really close to this collection. Jean will make a believer out of you, even if you’re not a believer already. She belongs to the land and it’s people and upholds the heritage, TRADITIONS, and values of the Western lifestyle. Enjoy!

Red Steagall

Jean Prescott captures the life of the real working West in her songs. She has an unfailing ear for great stories and her many collaborations with poets and other songwriters make for music that is appreciated by a wide audience. Every song, every performance, is filled with heart and a sincere energy. She is a treasure of the West.

Margo Metegrano, The Bar D Ranch www.cowboypoetry.com

It always brings a big smile when I see “Jean Prescott” on the roster of any cowboy music gathering. I know for sure that one performer will shine like a polished silver buckle and will entertain at the highest level. Jean is an award-winning singer, songwriter, and performer with amazing talent and an audience-gripping stage presence. You can’t help but want to buy her music.

Darrell Arnold, Cowboy Magazine

Jean Prescott is a regular on our radio show, there are very few artists that have that claim. In order to see any air time on C.O.W. Radio, the songwriting must be meaningful and authentic, the music must be fresh and original, and the vocals have to be pure and second-to-none. Three for Jean Prescott!

Andy & Jim Nelson, Clear Out West Radio Show